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The Student Loan Shell Game:  Young Americans Will Soon Realize Debt Forgiveness Isn’t a Good Deal

In the shell game, a street corner huckster places a ball underneath one of three cups.  Then after moving the...

What’s Next for Ethiopia’s Civil War Amid Renewed Fighting in Tigray?


The Government Is Not Only Spending Trillions — It’s Losing Trillions

Lately, no matter if the federal government is spending taxpayer dollars or losing them, it doesn’t mess around with small...

Russia Hits Europe in the Bread Basket

It’s autumn in Europe, which for European farmers means it’s time to start placing orders for fertilizer for the spring....

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John A. Allison Discusses ‘The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure’

Why Is SCOTUS Putting Off Chevron Deference Cases?

Economist who called 9% inflation has this grim forecast for what’s next – Steve Hanke

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